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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Eva Simmons-O’Brien

Dr. Eva Simmons O’Brien received her MD from Yale University and is a board-certified dermatologist. With over 30 years of experience, she has worked for hospitals, established her own private practice, and consulted for organizations such as the FDA. Today, Dr. Eva runs her own practice in addition to serving as our Chief Science Officer.

How To Get Rid of Body Odor

How To Get Rid of Body Odor

How To Get Rid of Body Odor



Landing on this page happens for one of two reasons (maybe both). You realize your body is brewing some super spicy pit juice. Or, your significant other gave you the ultimatum: it’s them or your stinky pits. 

First of all, you’re in the right place. 

Body odor is a real issue that affects every guy on the planet. Unless you’re born with a medical condition that doesn’t allow you to sweat, you will have body odor. Even a sweaty scalp that reeks is commonly reported.

So why does it seem like your body odor is 100% proof? There are a few reasons, and we’ll talk about them. We’ll also cover what you can do to eliminate body odor and what product you should avoid (that you’re probably using right now). 

What Causes Body Odor?

Body odor isn’t coming from inside your body, even though it probably seems like it. A few hours after you shower, you probably begin to sweat (we’re looking at your sales meeting), and this is when you may start to notice an odor. 

That odor isn’t the actual sweat coming from your pores. It’s the result of a chemical reaction. Boom, science! We’ll explain. 

There are two different types of sweat glands on your body. 

  • Eccrine glands. These sweat glands are located all over your body and are especially located in places like the bottoms of your feet, palms of your hands, and forehead. These guys produce sweat that is thin and mostly filled with water. 

  • Apocrine glands. Apocrine sweat glands are heavy-duty. They are located in areas where there are clusters of hair follicles. Yep, pits and groin. These glands produce a thicker sweat that contains water, salt, and proteins. 

These sweat glands produce sweat to keep you cool. Sweating is natural, necessary, and keeps you healthy. Most of the time, sweat has no odor or a very low odor that isn’t very noticeable. 

The problem with body odor happens when sweat hits the surface of your skin. In fact, what you consume can play a toll on your overall body and sweat production. Eating too much red meat, excessive alcohol and caffeine, spicy foods, and foods like garlic and onions can wreak havoc on your body.

What’s on My Skin and Why Does It Stink?

Your skin is covered with good bacteria that keep it healthy. The skin’s microbiome -- the army of organisms living on your skin -- helps protect and keep unhealthy bacteria and pathogens away. 

Unfortunately, the bacteria living on your skin doesn’t react well with your sweat. Specifically, the proteins and salts in your sweat mix with the bacteria on your skin and release odors that can be unpleasant.

Still, both the bacteria and the sweat are good, natural, and healthy parts of your body. So the real question is, how do you stop the unpleasant smell of a farm animal without damaging your body’s ability to sweat or destroying your skin’s microbiome?

Bro, we might have the solution

Controlling Body Odor

In years past, the focus has always been on controlling the amount we sweat. Most products like the shower gel, detergent, and even powders we use today are designed to prevent us from being able to sweat, especially under the smelly armpits. The problem with not sweating (besides the fact that you’re supposed to) is that it isn’t a permanent solution. 

The next time you sweat, you’ll still deal with the same odor issues if you aren’t using the same sweat-blocking product. 

Here are four ways to prevent body odor naturally.

Shower Regularly

It’s a shame we had to say it, but come on; we all know there are some days you just skip the shower altogether. Not a single one of us can say we’ve never skipped a shower after a rushed gym session to make a meeting on time. 

Poor hygiene habits like skipping a shower here and there won’t hurt you much and probably won’t affect your level of body odor, but making a habit of missing showers can allow unhealthy bacteria to grow on your skin. Remember, the real issue with body odor is the bacteria living on your skin.

When you skip the shower, harmful bacteria grows, allowing the opportunity for your sweat to mix with it and create your own personal bouquet of stench. 

Wear Breathable Fabric

Your favorite spandex medium-sized shirt really showcases your tris, but it also helps spread your body odor around the gym like a can of air un-freshener. Unnatural fibers like rayon, spandex, and polyester blended materials can cause you to sweat more because they aren’t breathable. 

Ironically, most gym clothes are made from these fabrics because they’re durable and offer compression. 

Instead, opt for a natural fiber like cotton, linen, silk, or wool clothing or athletic gear that is made to allow your skin to breathe. Some fabrics are even antimicrobial. 

Pro tip: Make sure you’re cleaning your gym clothes thoroughly. If they still have a sour smell after you wash them, it might be time to toss them.

Skip the Antiperspirant

Antiperspirant is probably what you’ve worn since middle school. You’re probably wearing it now. Chances are, you still stink. Antiperspirants don't work to keep body odor away as it blocks sweat glands to reduce perspiration. It uses chemicals and heavy metals to prevent your body from sweating.

Most antiperspirants use aluminum. 

When aluminum is applied to the skin, sweat molecules in your skin grab onto it and pull it deep into your underarms and pores. This forms a plug in the pore where the sweat would normally be excreted. 

When the pore is clogged, it sends a message to your body to stop sweating. Aluminum-based antiperspirants can produce this pore-plugging effect for up to 24 hours. 

These products aren’t 100% effective, so you’ll still be able to sweat a little, and the chemical ingredients in your deodorant will probably make it smell like you’ve sprayed cologne over your body odor. 

The next day, you’ll begin to sweat again unless you load up with more aluminum. Studies are ongoing, but we already know aluminum isn’t doing us any favors. In fact, aluminum from your antiperspirant and soaps can even wind up in your bloodstream. 

We prefer our heavy metal pumping in our earbuds, not our veins. 

Use Natural Deodorant

You can be proactive in keeping your skin clean and avoiding harsh chemical and metal-based pit paste, but also, you still want to smell good. Enter natural deodorant and home remedies. 

Some claim to use a mix of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and warm water for natural deodorant. Soak the cotton ball and apply the mixture to your odor-prone areas. Just be sure to avoid any cuts to prevent the risk of infection. 

Everything you expected antiperspirant to do, but it actually delivers. Oh, and without all the chemicals and metals. 

Natural deodorant works two ways:

  • Fights bacteria. Using natural, plant-based ingredients, deodorant like the kind available from Disco helps fight the overgrowth of bacteria on your skin that can mix with your sweat and create an odor. 

    Natural ingredients have antimicrobial properties that help them work synergistically with your skin’s natural microbiome to keep bacterial levels healthy, making sure the good bacteria has what it needs to fight off bad bacteria. 
  • Helps neutralize odor. Antiperspirants cover up odor with heavy perfumes and chemicals. Natural deodorants use plant-based ingredients to help break down body odor and neutralize it.

Natural deodorant is safe, effective, and can be applied whenever you want. It also washes off easily (because, let’s be honest, an antiperspirant can leave behind a residue that is nearly impossible to scrub away). 

Safe Ingredients for Natural Deodorant 

The best part? You won’t have to risk your health just to get relief from your manly scent. Disco’s natural deodorant uses plant-based, safe, gentle ingredients that are effective and work to keep you from smelling like a not-so-elusive sasquatch. Our deodorant includes:

  • Eucalyptus. Naturally pleasant and freshly scented, this plant-based oil helps break down the salts in your sweat to neutralize odors before they even have a chance to start. 

  • Tea tree oil. Known for its powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, tea tree oil also battles bacteria, making sure there are boots on the ground (or the pits) for the good bacteria on your skin so they can help get rid of bad bacteria that could cause a stinky situation. 

    Tea tree oil won’t eliminate your skin’s good bacteria, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing the balance or creating a tremor in the force. 

  • Aloe. That stuff under your arm? It’s skin, and it deserves some attention. We include a healthy dose of aloe in our pit stick so you can keep the skin under your arms in good shape. 

    The reality is, dry skin and even dead skin under your armpits can lead to flaking, which 10/10 men do not recommend.

Using natural deodorant is a better solution for managing body odour than stuffing your pores with metal and expecting it to work. Don’t risk your health. Switch to natural deodorant, and your friends might even let you back into their circle of trust. 

Let’s Disco

You’ve got options for skincare and pit care, but we say Disco’s the better choice. Our products are formulated to work perfectly with the pH balance of a man’s skin. Sweating is natural, but you can get rid of your body odor by making a few lifestyle changes and switching to a natural deodorant from Disco. 

After all, they’re dermatologist-reviewed to ensure the quality of ingredients and effectiveness. If you find yourself in need of more help, consult your healthcare provider about over-the-counter prescription antiperspirants



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