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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Eva Simmons-O’Brien

Dr. Eva Simmons O’Brien received her MD from Yale University and is a board-certified dermatologist. With over 30 years of experience, she has worked for hospitals, established her own private practice, and consulted for organizations such as the FDA. Today, Dr. Eva runs her own practice in addition to serving as our Chief Science Officer.

Skincare for Textured Skin

Skincare for Textured Skin

Skincare for Textured Skin



Run your hands all over your face. Go ahead, we’ll wait. If your skin feels rough in some areas, smooth in others, or even bumpy in certain places, you’ve got an uneven skin tone. 

Ideally, your skin should feel the same from forehead to chin unless you have facial hair. In the real world, most of us have areas that don’t get as much hydration, so the skin feels rough or flaky. 

You can even out your skin tone by understanding why your skin is uneven in the first place.

Why is My Skin Uneven?

It could be your genes, it could be your diet, it could be the fact you never wash your face and don’t know what a moisturizer is. The most probable causes of uneven skin tone are:

  • Sun exposure 
  • Dehydrated skin (Even oily skin can be dehydrated.)
  • The wrong skincare products

The right products can help soothe irritated areas of skin and bring everything back into balance. 

Best Ingredients for Skincare for Textured Skin

Taking care of textured skin is a three-part process: 

Step One: Remove dead skin cells that are damaged and encourage new, healthy skin cells.

Step Two: Smooth and correct skin discoloration and tone. 

Step Three: Hydration.

Here’s the formula for getting the job done. 

  • Papaya and Phytic Acid. This tag-team helps remove dead skin cells that are causing your skin to feel rough. Papaya gently breaks the chemical bonds between dead skin cells and living skin cells, making them easy to slough away. Phytic acid helps accelerate the cell regeneration process, so you see newer skin faster. 
  • Vitamin C. The ultimate natural skin corrector, vitamin C helps brighten your complexion and even out areas of discoloration and hyperpigmentation to reveal more balance. 
  • Macadamia Oil. A deeply hydrating, plant-based oil that also helps combat the signs of aging, this oil helps keep your skin moisturized and avoid dry, flaky patches of textured skin. 

You can get all these ingredients in Disco’s skincare starter set. Our starter set includes everything you need to help battle textured, uneven skin and get back into balance. 

Disco’s skincare is formulated to work best with the pH balance of men’s skin, unlike products you’ll find at the local big box store, which are usually made for women’s skin. Disco is the solution for getting the skin you want without spending a lot of time in the bathroom. 


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