“Just because you stayed up late doesn’t mean you need to look like you did.”

Disco makes it easy to forgive your skin sins with our dermatologist-developed skin care products.
  • Eye Stick
  • Moisturizer
  • Face Cleanser Stick
Tired, puffy eyes. Gone in a blink.

Our easy-to-use eye stick banishes dark circles and under eye bags. Give it a try... nobody will know about the bumpin’ party that kept you up last night.

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Clean face. Clean slate.

Wash away the grime, and the way-too-many late nights. Our no-fuss charcoal cleansing stick gives you a deep, refreshing clean for brighter skin in no time.

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Soft skin hides a multitude of sins

Skin as soft as a baby’s. Even if you didn’t sleep like one. Our hydrating moisturizer will hydrate and brighten your skin to have you looking fresh and invigorated.

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The Disco Vice Bundle

You like to have fun and enjoy the moment. But now you can enjoy your vices without the obvious signs all over your face. Try the Disco Vice Bundle. It’s our Eye Stick, Cleanser Stick and Moisturizer bundled up together. So you can keep up with your late nights without it taking a toll on your appearance.

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Got questions?

We’ve got answers.

Are your products natural?

Yes. Your face matters to us, man. We prioritize the quality of our ingredients over all else.

How do you formulate your products?

Our suite of skincare products is the result of a meticulous year-long process in collaboration with our medical advisor, Dr. Eva Simmons-O’Brien and a team of renowned cosmetic chemists in California– and we're not stopping anytime soon. We're heavily invested in improving our formula and creating new high-quality Disco products.

Will Disco work for my skin type?

Yes. While each skin type has its particular nuances, we developed our products to match the optimal pH levels for men's skin (5.5-6.5pH.)

Does the eye stick help with baggy eyes and dark circles?

Our eye stick fights baggy/puffy eyes and dark circles using powerful active ingredients like caffeine and peptides.

Will this eye stick actually help with baggy eyes and dark circles?

Yes! We care about your face, man. We only use ingredients that are proven to work. Not only do the powerful active ingredients like caffeine and peptides work wonders, they're derived from all-natural sources– as is every product in the Disco suite!

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Over 1000+ 5-Star Reviews

It’s really great for waking you up!

I can finally say bye bye to raccoon eyes. One of my favourite men grooming products is the eye stick. It’s really great for waking you up in the morning or after a long night out. Helps reduce any puffiness.


The good thing about Disco is that they are all vegan.

The good thing about disco is that they are all vegan, cruelty and paraben free. It’s so easy to follow the steps to an amazing routine. The charcoal cleanser is so easy to apply and it goes on like butter. It’s very healthy for my skin


It’s so easy to apply!

I have been using the charcoal face cleanser and face mask and they are freaking amazing!! The charcoal stick is one of my favourite ways to apply face wash these days. It’s so easy to apply.


The Eye Stick saved my life!

The Eye Stick saved my life. I woke up in the morning with insane eye bags and all I did was rub it under each eye a few times and then Dark circles gone! puff gone! Gorgg!


It’s so simple but the results are so great.

I wish someone told me. I was tired of breaking out and having red patches then I realized I was using products that were filled with chemicals. I came across Disco and all the products are natural. It’s so easy to use. My skin gets clean and hydrated. It’s so simple but the results are so great.


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