Oily skin is difficult to manage. If you’re tired of washing your face numerous times a day and seeing even oiler skin as a result, you need better skin care.

Skincare Routine for Oily Skin 

Got more grease than an order of fries? You need better skincare, man. Oily skin can cause more than just a slippery surface on your mug, it can lead to breakouts that are incredibly unsexy. 

What Causes Oily Skin?

Oily skin can be genetic or brought on by external stressors like the wrong skincare products. Sometimes, oily skin can be a sign your skin is actually dehydrated. 

When your skin is overly dry, your sebaceous glands go into overdrive to produce more lubricating skin oil called sebum. This usually makes you want to wash your face more, which can dry out your skin, making your glands produce more oil. 

It’s like a dry skin hamster wheel. The solution? Get some next-level skincare. 

What to use for Oily Skin

What you’ve been using isn’t working (we’re looking at you, bar soap). Unless you’re into the glazed donut look, you need products that work to keep skin healthy and balanced. 

Certain ingredients work better than others. For instance, coconut oil is an all-natural cleanser that gently lifts away surface dirt and oil while also making sure your skin is hydrated. 

Hydrated skin = skin that doesn’t produce as much excess oil. 

Another natural ingredient that helps battle breakouts and balance your skin’s moisture levels? Charcoal. 

Charcoal helps draw out dirt and gunk from your pores to help prevent breakouts. 

Here are 3 more ingredients for battling oily skin.
  1. 01.


    This natural exfoliant helps clear away dead skin cells that like to hang out on the surface of your skin and create pimples. It’s gentle enough for regular use and won’t irritate your skin and cause microtears that could lead to even more oil and bumps.

  2. 02.

    Bentonite Clay.

    This natural clay has absorbent properties that make it an expert oil grabber. The natural mineral properties of bentonite clay help it remove excess oil without drying out the skin and leaving it feeling tight and uncomfortable.

  3. 03.

    Tea tree oil.

    Tea tree oil is the OG of oil-busting ingredients. Ask your mom, she probably used it. Tea tree oil has astringent-like properties that help keep your pores clear of excess oil and help tighten them to keep dirt and excess oil out.

To take care of oily skin once and for all, you need products that contain oil-fighting ingredients.

Let’s Disco

Disco is specifically formulated to match the pH balance of men’s skin. Our products help keep your skin looking grease-free by using natural ingredients to restore balance and soothe irritation. 

A great skin regimen will pay you dividends and save you from developing embarrassing breakouts. You can grab a full skincare regimen that’s quick and easy to use from the pros who know and experience better skin in no time. 

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