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5 Ways to Defy Time and Look Younger

No matter what your age, taking care of your skin is essential in locking down your look for decades to come. Trust us on this one -- an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of facial injections ten years down the road. 

Benefits of Macadamia Nut Oil in Skin Care

Hey you -- the one slathering body lotion all over your face -- put the bottle down. 

Caffeine and Skin: Why You Should Switch to Topical Options

That first cup of coffee you have in the morning might be the best thing for switching your brain to “go” mode, but did you know it can also give you amazing skin?

Activated Charcoal Products For Your Skin & The Many Benefits

If you’re dealing with blemishes, chances are you’ve tried practically everything to get rid of them. Bumps and blemishes can happen at any age, from your teens all the way through your forties, and aside from being embarrassing, they can be painful and annoying.

How to Get Rid of Fine Lines at Any Age

There are fine lines between looking like a silver fox and looking like an old man, and how you deal with those fine lines will pretty much determine which you will become.

5 Post-Exfoliation Tips You Should Be Following

Hey man, you need to exfoliate. Yes, we mean you. You need to exfoliate, and you need to exfoliate correctly. We get it -- you have no idea what exfoliating even means. Your partner has some gritty stuff in a tube you tried once, but it smelled slightly like menthol and felt like sandpaper on your face. We don’t blame you for not trying it twice.