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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Eva Simmons-O’Brien

Dr. Eva Simmons O’Brien received her MD from Yale University and is a board-certified dermatologist. With over 30 years of experience, she has worked for hospitals, established her own private practice, and consulted for organizations such as the FDA. Today, Dr. Eva runs her own practice in addition to serving as our Chief Science Officer.

The 5 Best Pimple Stickers for Men

The 5 Best Pimple Stickers for Men

The 5 Best Pimple Stickers for Men



Adult acne can be frustrating, uncomfortable, and difficult to manage. Unfortunately, adult acne is a widely shared experience among men, and dealing with the unexpected pimple is the last thing you want to do before a big night out or an important event. Even with a well-rounded, diligent skincare routine, or the utmost attention to diet, personal hygiene, and wellness, acne can still pop up out of nowhere.

The worst part: unexpected pimples can take a long time to heal – sometimes days or weeks! 

The Best Way to Heal Zits

Pimple stickers or patches are the newest skincare products in the market to help you tackle your zits fast, simple, and easy. How do you know they work, and how do you know which one will work for you?

Let’s break down the science behind pimple stickers so you know which ones will help you dissolve zits, flatten blemishes, eliminate redness and inflammation, and clear up your breakouts. 

One Sticker = A One-Step, Simple Solution

It seems too good to be true, but these stickers really do work. Pimple stickers or patches are the latest in skincare technology; concentrating all of the acne-fighting ingredients into one small surface area of a sticker. They target the zit with all-natural ingredients, accelerating the healing time of a zit.

You simply peel the sticker off, apply it on top of a nasty zit or pimple, and wait at least 6 hours for the sticker to work its magic. After, peel off the sticker and reveal the clear skin it left behind! 

Battle Every Kind of Zit

Pimple stickers work for almost all acne types. From the goo-filled whiteheads to the hard, under-the-surface blemishes; pimple stickers will target the heart of the problem-spot, and dissolve the problem straight at the source.

Moreso, pimple patches will calm redness, relieve inflammation, flatten raised skin texture, smooth out skin tone, and relieve the pain of those big under-the-surface zits. 

Here are our 5 best recommendations for ingredients to look for in pimple stickers for men. 

5 Best Pimple Sticker Ingredients

1. Salicylic Acid + Hyaluronic Acid

This acne-fighting duo is the best and most dynamic ingredient pair to treat acne with. Salicylic Acid is clinically proven to shed dead skin cells, and reduce redness and inflammation, all while treating the skin to prevent future breakouts and blemishes.

Hyaluronic Acid follows up by nourishing the skin and providing a moisture barrier from outside bacteria. It smooths fine lines and wrinkles by providing moisture to the skin, promoting a more hydrated and plump complexion.

2. Dissolving Microneedles

Microneedles help anchor the patch to the blemish and deliver acne-fighting ingredients straight to the source of the pimple. These are the best in skincare technology: you can actually feel them targeting the pimple and battling the breakout. 

Microneedles are self-dissolving and fixed on the sticky underside portion of the pimple sticker. They use Precision Technology to grip the contours of the face but are completely painless. Sharp and stable, they prove much more effective than most topical treatments that never even penetrate the surface of the skin, or often rub off on pillows or clothes.

3. Madacassoside 

It may seem like a mouthful, but this ingredient is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, clarifying, and clinically proven to reduce redness. 

Derived from the Centella Leaf, Madacassoside is the best ingredient for evening out skin tone and eliminating frustrating redness and inflammation that occurs once a pimple starts to heal.

4. Willow Bark Extract 

Derived from the French maritime pine tree, this acne-tackling ingredient absorbs excess oiliness in the pimple, refines pores, calms redness, and provides antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

Willow Bark Extract is detoxifying and purifying, meaning you can rest easy knowing this ingredient is preventing future breakouts by clearing away any bad bacteria from the skin.

5. Eucalyptus

Last, is the all-natural, Disco staple ingredient of Eucalyptus. This ingredient combats bacteria and nourishes, refreshes, and revitalizes skin complexion and blemishes with antiseptic properties.

It’s not just a spa-smelling herbal ingredient: it houses a lot of acne-fighting properties and nourishing qualities. 

Final Thoughts

The Overnight Pimple Sticker is so effective because it creates a protective layer between the healing blemish and the outside environment. Topical solutions are likely to rub off during the night on your pillow or clothes, and they are open to bacteria infiltration. With the ultra-thin, protective design of the patch that grips the contours of the face, you can ensure that the job is getting done all under wraps while you sleep. 

Stop waiting days or even weeks for those unexpected pimples to heal on their own. Pimple stickers are a fast, easy, and simple way to battle pesky zits. 


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