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men's eucalyptus face mask with charcoal balancing on a steel cone

Why Charcoal Isn’t Just for the Grill



A face mask might feel a little out of your comfort zone. We get that. But here at Disco, we made sure to offer it precisely because we understand the important benefits of this extra step in every man’s grooming routine.

We’ve been extremely thoughtful about the ingredients in our original blend — you’ll read more on those below — but there’s another reason why we believe using our face mask is one of the most important things you can do to take better care of yourself. We know how impossible it may seem to carve out 20 minutes to smear it on and wait it out. But it’s our firm believe that just the act of regularly applying a face mask is a priceless investment in yourself. No matter what your grooming or skincare routine is (or isn’t, for that matter), it’s critical to make time for you, to decompress after a long day or week. Think of those 20 minutes as an investment in yourself.

It’s a good investment, too. We experimented with a ton of different formulas in our search for the perfect face mask for guys before we landed on the original formula you’re hopefully wearing right now. Its primary ingredient, activated charcoal, is one of the best detoxing ingredients out there. Its plant-based, but works powerfully to draw out toxins of all types. Our face mask also uses a mix of bentonite and kaolin clays, both known for drawing out impurities from the skin. We use papaya enzymes for mild exfoliation, and aloe vera to heal and restore skin. The end result? Regular use of Disco’s special blend will transform your skin, leaving it clean, healthy, and glowing.

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