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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Eva Simmons-O’Brien

Dr. Eva Simmons O’Brien received her MD from Yale University and is a board-certified dermatologist. With over 30 years of experience, she has worked for hospitals, established her own private practice, and consulted for organizations such as the FDA. Today, Dr. Eva runs her own practice in addition to serving as our Chief Science Officer.

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Benefits of Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Benefits of Aluminum-Free Deodorant



You’re a smart guy, but are you smart enough to know that the ingredients in your deodorant could be seriously interrupting your natural pheromone game? It’s true.  

When you sweat, your body releases pheromones which are highly detectable by others, and the majority of those pheromones are released through your armpits. 

While pheromones in animals exist for the purpose of attracting a mate, their role in humans isn’t known. We’ve got our money on them making us smell as sexually available as possible.

So what’s with your deodorant and how’s it trying to block your game? It has to do with the way it works and the ingredients it contains. In fact, the ingredients in your deodorant aren’t just ruining your natural scent, they’re actually causing you harm. 

It’s cool, bro, we’ve got your back. Disco is your ultimate wingman. We’ll tell you what’s wrong with your regular deodorant, give you the info about aluminum in your antiperspirant, and how you can still keep cool with an all-natural pit stick. 

What’s Wrong With Aluminum?

First things first, let’s talk aluminum. Aluminum is a metal that is used in most commercially produced antiperspirants to prevent you from sweating, and chances are if you grab your current deodorant, it contains it. 

Aluminum is usually added to your antiperspirant in the form of aluminum salts. It works by dissolving and reacting with your sweat to create a block in your armpit pores which prevents sweat from being released. Here’s why it’s not worth the risk.

Toxicity Level

The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep’s website rates aluminum ingredients between 3-5, which makes them moderately to highly toxic and considerably irritating to skin. Aluminum doesn’t just stick around on your skin, either. It has the ability to pass right through the skin barrier and wind up in your bodily tissues.

It’s enough of a threat that some countries, like Canada, have even banned it. Unfortunately, the U.S. is a little behind in terms of keeping toxic chemicals out of health and wellness products, so it’s on you to be your own advocate and make sure your products don’t contain them. 

Irritation and Clogged Pores

Because aluminum creates a barrier in your skin’s pores to prevent sweating it makes sense you’ll experience irritation. Clogged pores can lead to ingrown hairs and even pimples in your armpit, which aren’t just unattractive, they’re painful.  

Think of it this way: you’re using something on your skin to intentionally clog your pores. You wouldn’t use a product like that on your face, so why would you use it on your armpits?

Prevents Sweating

The major problem with aluminum antiperspirant is that it blocks your body from one of its most natural and vital functions; the ability to excrete sweat. 

We get it, you hate sweat stains, but if you allow your body to detox from your aluminum deodorant, you’ll likely find you don’t sweat nearly as much as you think. 

Sweating doesn’t just keep you cool by releasing excess heat when you’re hot, it’s one of your body’s primary methods of getting rid of toxins. When you apply aluminum-based antiperspirant, you prevent your body from being able to release those toxins. Essentially, your armpit becomes a toxin-filled cesspool. 

What’s Wrong With My Regular Deodorant?

If you want to know if your deodorant contains aluminum, look for aluminum salts, aluminum chlorohydrate, and aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrate GLY on the label. Those are some of the “code names'' aluminum uses to hide out in your products. 

Aluminium isn’t the only bad ingredient in your pit paste. Your regular deodorant is a virtual smorgasbord of harsh chemicals that can be irritating and harmful to your underarms. 


Parabens are used in deodorant as preservatives to encourage a longer shelf life. They’re the reason your deodorant lasts as long as they do. However, parabens aren’t the only ingredients that can be used as preservatives; there are natural options.

Parabens are carcinogenic hormone mimickers, and they can be absorbed through the skin, ending up in your tissue. Parabens are banned in cosmetic and personal hygiene products in Europe and Canada. 


Triclosan is added to deodorant to rid your pits of odor causing bacteria. It is a chemical antibacterial agent, but again, there are natural alternatives that work just as well, if not better. Triclosan is a harmful ingredient. So harmful, in fact, that the FDA banned the use of  triclosan in hand soaps. Manufacturers that used triclosan in hand soap could not prove that the ingredient was safe for long term use. 

However, the FDA still allows triclosan in deodorant… because that makes sense. 


Want to make sure you’re producing as much testosterone as possible? Skip phthalates. These chemicals are added to deodorant to make other ingredients more flexible and also to lengthen the life of fragrances. 

Phthalates disrupt the endocrine system, especially in males, and affects testosterone production. Hard pass for us.  


Antiperspirant contains a heavy amount of synthetic fragrance, and the problem with fragrance is that it is proprietary, so a company doesn’t necessarily have to disclose the ingredients inside. At the very least, you could end up with some ingredients that seriously irritate your skin.

At the very worst, you could be exposing yourself to toxins and carcinogens without ever knowing it. Be wary of any ingredient labeled “natural fragrance,” or just “fragrance.”

Benefits of Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Aluminum doesn’t belong in deodorant, but aluminium-free deodorant is more than just your “other” option. It’s packed with some pretty amazing benefits. 

Lowers Your Risk of Exposure to Toxins

You’re around toxins every single day, and a lot of them are in the personal care products you’ve used since you were a teenager. You can lower your exposure to toxins by identifying them and choosing not to put them on or in your body. 

Eliminate Pit Rash

If you’ve got irritated armpits, your deodorant could be the culprit. The ingredients in your deodorant can be harsh, drying, and definitely clog your pores, leading to small bumps, itching, burning, and irritation. 

Using a natural deodorant can eliminate the irritation and keep your pits from developing rashes and irritating bumps. As a bonus? You’ll probably wind up with less pit stains on your clothing, too. 

Block Odor, Not Sweat

Your body is designed to sweat; it’s natural and possibly attractive (pheromones, remember?). At the same time, you don’t want to smell like hot garbage, and you don’t have to. The goal of a natural deodorant is to block odor, not sweat. 

Natural ingredients work with your body to neutralize odors, prevent bacteria, and keep you feeling good. 

Your body does it’s job, you smell fresh, no chemicals are involved in the process.

Better, Natural Ingredients

Aluminum and other antiperspirant ingredients are harmful, but do natural ingredients actually work? Short answer, yes. You can protect your pits and your body at the same time by using natural deodorant with safe ingredients, and Disco has the very best. 

Let’s Disco

We’re into heavy metal, just not in your armpits. Disco’s Natural Deodorant is aluminum-free and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, known toxins, or irritants. It’s gentle on your pits, yet incredibly effective. Here’s what’s inside.

  1. Eucalyptus. This extract nourishes and refreshes the skin while neutralizing odors. It has antiseptic properties that prevent the growth of microorganisms that cause body odor. Eucalyptus provides a light, clean scent that is fresh and never overpowering. 

  2. Tea tree oil. This essential oil has bacteria-fighting properties that help keep you clean, fresh, and body odor-free. Tea tree oil also smells fresh and lightly fragrant, keeping you smelling fresh all day. 

  3. Aloe. Believe it or not, the skin in your armpits needs moisture just like the skin on the rest of your body. It’s an often overlooked area of the body that ends up dehydrated, irritated, and sore. Aloe helps keep your pits hydrated so you can avoid irritation and dehydration. 

Regular deodorant also disrupts your pH balance and changes the way you smell. Aluminum-free deodorant doesn’t contain hormone disrupting toxins that interfere with your body’s natural processes. 

Natural deodorant is completely effective and can give your pits the break they need from chemical laden antiperspirants that block your pores and put you at risk. 

Aluminum is bad for your body; leave it for covering your leftover pizza. Quit using poison in your pits and stick it to the man by switching to a natural deodorant that protects your body and your manly scent. 




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