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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Eva Simmons-O’Brien

Dr. Eva Simmons O’Brien received her MD from Yale University and is a board-certified dermatologist. With over 30 years of experience, she has worked for hospitals, established her own private practice, and consulted for organizations such as the FDA. Today, Dr. Eva runs her own practice in addition to serving as our Chief Science Officer.

Face Scrub Benefits for Men

Face Scrub Benefits for Men

Face Scrub Benefits for Men



Face scrubs and exfoliants deserve a lot more credit in the skincare game. Using a face scrub consistently can lead to brighter, more vibrant skin, and even reduce breakouts. It can be intimidating to introduce a new skincare element into your routine, so we’ll explore the options when it comes to face scrubs, as well as the benefits that come with using them.

Skin Benefits of Using a Face Scrub

The purpose of a face scrub or an exfoliating scrub is to take cleansing the skin to the next level. Cleansing is a daily task within a skincare routine; it ensures that dirt, bacteria, and oil are washed away from the skin, leaving your complexion room to breathe. Exfoliating takes things a step further. It removes the top layer of dead skin cells from the skin so that new skin cells have the opportunity to regenerate and leave a healthy glow.

1. Removes Dead Skin Cells

The first benefit of using a face scrub is that the small microparticles or grains within the scrub gently exfoliate away dead skin cells. It’s hard to tell that your dead skin cells are lining the outer layer of your skin unless you struggle with dry, flaky patches. However, the top layer of our skin (epidermis) is coated in a layer of these dead skin cells much like the top of a tiled roof.

It’s natural to accumulate a layer of dead skin cells on a daily to weekly basis. However, this buildup contributes to a dull, tired-looking complexion, prevents new skin cell growth, reduces moisture to the skin, and can lead to clogged pores. This is why a face scrub does the dirty work of sloughing away the dead skin cells to leave room for a brighter, more vibrant complexion. 

2. Detoxifies Pores of Bacteria and Dirt

Our face is made up of hundreds of pores, also known as sebaceous glands. As guys, we have more pores on average than women, which leads to an oilier complexion and a higher chance of breaking out from clogged pores. 

It’s essential to clear out the pores regularly to avoid those pesky blackheads. Blackheads are a form of acne that is caused by an infected, clogged pore. 

By using an exfoliating scrub, the microparticles come into contact with these pores, clearing out their contents of dirt, bacteria, and oil that may build up over time. If you want to avoid the look of clogged pores and blackheads, use face scrub at least twice a week. 

3. Eliminates Dry, Flaky Skin

If you’ve ever gotten a bad sunburn, you know all too well that the aftermath is painful, red, and flaky. Similar to a sunburn, the skin on the face can become dried out very easily, leading to dry, flaky patches of skin.

An exfoliating face scrub is key to removing the dry flakiness and can effectively remove it from the skin, leaving behind a softer, and clear complexion. 

4. Reduces Acne Scars

If you struggle with acne scarring from breakouts that have healed, a face scrub can help fade scarring, uneven skin tone, and dark spots. Exfoliants contain naturally regenerative properties that promote the lifecycle of new skin cells. This helps clear and smooth scarring, as well as brighten any dark spots left behind from acne and blemishes.

Look for ingredients like Vitamin C, Niacinamide, and Apricot Oil that will brighten and resurface the texture of your skin, and eliminate acne scarring. 

5. Smooths Skin Texture & Tone

Face scrubs can also smooth skin texture and tone by resurfacing and regenerating new skin cell growth. 

Uneven skin texture is typically a result of clogged pores and untreated oily/dry skin. Exfoliants and face scrubs do an excellent job of resurfacing the texture by breaking down dead skin cells, blemishes, and clogged pores, leaving behind smooth and soft skin.

In addition, dark spots and uneven skin tone can be treated with an exfoliating face scrub. Ingredients like Aloe and Papaya help break down bacteria, dark spots, and discoloration to get your skin back to its natural tone and healthy glow. 

6. Prevents Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps

If you shave your face regularly, you know the struggle of managing irritating razor burn, ingrown hairs, or shaving pimples. Adopting a well-rounded shaving routine with the correct products is key to keeping your beard area in tip-top shape and avoiding the redness and irritation that can come with shaving. 

Exfoliating with a scrub is key when it comes to a shaving routine, and one of our personal favorite benefits of using a face scrub. Use a face scrub before applying shaving cream and shaving. Gently exfoliate the skin using small, circular motions, and wash off the excess. By exfoliating, you slough off any excess dead skin cells, leaving behind smooth skin that reduces the friction between the razor and your skin. Now you can shave without having to worry about razor burn or shaving pimples popping up afterward. 

7. Promotes Efficacy of Other Skincare Products

Last, using a face scrub promotes the effectiveness of your other skincare products. Exfoliating clears away the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving the surface of the skin clear and open to outside elements. Exfoliating also helps regenerate new skin cells and leaves the pores open. If you use a face scrub before applying a serum or moisturizer, the ingredients will be absorbed more efficiently and wholly. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many benefits of using a face scrub in your daily skincare routine. As is best practice: if you have oily skin, use a face scrub 2-3 times a week, and if you have dry skin, it’s best to go 1-2 times a week. 

Men require different skincare products to treat their skin, as hormonal changes in the male body contribute to thicker skin, a higher pH level on the surface, and larger pore size. Using an exfoliating face scrub can help treat all of these factors, and you can trust that Disco products are optimized specifically for men’s skin. 

Disco’s Exfoliating Face Scrub is formulated with Papaya, Apricot Oil, and Aloe to exfoliate the face of dirt, dead skin cells, and impurities. It’s great for fighting both ingrown hairs and razor burn, and you can enjoy all of the benefits we mentioned above.

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